Top-up, Utility services, Automate billing, Increase Sales

Mobile Top-up services

Top-up/Recharge your postpaid or prepaid mobiles with e-Khalti

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Electricity Bill Payment

Pay your NEA electricity bills online with e-Khalti


Multi-currency account

Keep money in local currency and transfer money to any country only by username

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Water Bill

Make easy and faster payments for Khaanepani with e-Khalti

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Merchant integration

Accept payments on your site using a simple HTML form and IPN notifications

Currency Exchange

Currency exchange done by e-Khalti is obtained from the European Central Bank (ECB).

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ISP and DTH services

Make online payments using e-Khalti for ISP and DTH services

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Protect purchase

Buy goods and pay for online services, and if something goes wrong, we will refund

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BlockChain Technology 

Deposit currency through BlockChain Technology

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Start growing sales globally with e-Khalti online payment gateway

As experts of local and worldwide payment processing, we know how difficult it can be in the global market. That is why we have worked hard for you, by knowing about regional payment method preferences to translate our language into 2 languages.

With E-Khalti Payment Gateway Services, you get everything you need for global expansion. Not only support for 100+ trusted payment methods, but the level of care and attention that our smart API does not match stylish integration, stylish personal checkout, and a different care processor only.

How to start using e-Khalti payment gateway on your website
  • Create a e-mail account.
  •  Configure your settings and personalize your checkout page design.
  • Integrate the payment gateway using our driver API or built-in built-in plugins.
Accept international payment methods

E-Khalti gives worldwide purchases and sellers' empire

Payments are secured with us

From all the payment gateway services that e-Khalti provides, security is the most crucial one. Being PCI-DSS certified and armed with 3D secure authentication and a dual-layer fraud protection system, e-Khalti makes transactions 100% safe. Customer data and transaction history are protected securely to prevent identity theft, phishing and other forms of online fraud.

  • 3D Secure Authentication

  • 3D Secure Authentication

  • Dual Layer Fraud Protection & Management


  • Security products & protection from attacks

  • 99.99% Fraud Free Transactions

  • Amex

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